Move AVD to a new Azure Region

Over here on the West Coast, we've been getting an increasing number of errors when we try to scale out a host pool in the West US 2 region.
Error: Operation could not be completed as it results in exceeding approved Family Cores quota.

When we try to expand our quota, Microsoft has been politely letting us know that there are insufficient resources and suggests that we use a different region.

Since I'm guessing more and more partners will need to do something similar in the not too distant future, we made up a high-level list of the steps it takes to move an AVD environment to a new Azure Region. Let me know if you want more detailed steps of any step of the process and I can get them to you.

Move a Client's AVD Environment to a Different Azure Region

  1. Setup Azure Networking in the new Azure Region (Azure Portal)
    (Resource Group, Virtual Network/Sub Network, Network Security Group)
  2. Setup Nerdio for the new Azure Region (NMM)
    (Link Resource Group, Link Network, Create Workspace, Clone the Desktop Image, Add a Host Pool)
  3. Use Nerdio to provision hosts in the new Azure Region (NMM)
  4. Migrate Users to the New Host Pool (NMM)
    (Assign users to new host pool)
  5. Move Storage Account to the new Azure Region (Azure)
    Move an Azure Storage account to another region | Microsoft Learn
  6. Decommission the resources from the old Azure Region (NMM)(Azure Portal)
    (NMM: Unassign old Host Pool, Unlink Resource Group and Network)
    (Azure: Remove Workspace, Host Pool, Virtual Network, Resource Group)


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