Partner Acceleration Webinar - March 2022

The Everything Azure for MSP's webinar is held monthly on the last Wednesday of every month at 2:00p CT.   Be sure to block that recurring time on your calendar and sign up here if you haven't already.


  • NMM 3.0 Updates and Features
  • What the Chuck?! - "Successfully Deploy an Updated Image
  • Deep Dive - Keeping your images current with automation



  • Do AADJ VMs support FSLogix profiles on Azure Files?
  • For the Intune integration, do we have any options for reporting/alerting via the Nerdio portal?  Things like devices falling out of compliance and such
    • We are adding new features for Intune all the time and recommend following this Nerdio Releases page 
  • What happens with the backup of that image once we have verified there are no issues?
  • When a new host is created from an image (image created from working host), should the desktop settings be saved for each user? ie shortcuts and startup programs.
    • This would require using a tool like FSLogix to contain the user profile and make it available across any hosts.
  • What is the best solution for handling slow search in file explorer in AVD? We've recently had this problem and the only solution was to move the files from Azure Files to a traditional file server
    • The focus here should be on where the OS index is stored, the performance of the storage object and the users proximity to that storage.  As you mentioned, moving to AZ Files improved the experience and that may have been due to greater throughput and disk speeds in AZ Files vs what was provided on the File Server.
  • If I'm running Windows 10 hosts with FSLogix profiles, have we seen if there's any compatibility issues with deploying Windows 11 hosts with those same FSlogix profiles?
  • Is there any guidance on Notification alerts best practice? Can't find much as are implementing NMM at this time.



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