Everything Azure for MSP's - January 2022

The Everything Azure for MSP's webinar is held monthly on the last Wednesday of every month at 2:00p CT.  Be sure to block that recurring time on your calendar and sign up here if you haven't already.

Join us in March 2022 as we bring you headlines from NerdioCon and the NMM v3.0 release!


  • Mastering the Art of the Support Request
  • Why we created NMM-100
  • Stuck in PowerShell Hell

Questions and Answers

  • Can we run scripts on a scheduled basis?
    • Yes, from the Host Pool Drop Down,  Select "Hosts" -> "Run Script" and set the Schedule
  • Is Nerdio able to help with AVD OS optimization and performance?
    • Optimization and Performance may mean different things within each individual environment.  Nerdio does allow partners to leverage script automation when hosts are created and removed, which can be used for delivery of scripted optimizations.
    • We also highly recommend reviewing our Troubleshooting Desktop Performance Guide located in the Nerdio Partner Community Forums.  (Nerdio Note - Our Community Forums are a great place to discuss performance management with other Nerdio partners)
  • Does Nerdio Manager log or alert regarding my Azure Backups?
  • For the NMM-100 certification, are you expected to have prior knowledge of Azure? If so, how familiar should you be with Azure?
    • The NMM-100 is meant to provide a starting point for all partners new to Azure and Nerdio.  While we do focus on several key aspects of Azure Fundamentals we do recommend partners consider the AZ-900 and AZ-140 as they provide greater exposure to all of Microsoft's guidance on Azure.
  • When you run your own script, are there any logs. The NMM just shows that it ran but no other information. My script doesn't appear to run but I don't know how to troubleshoot it without logs.
    • Custom PowerShell Scripts Logs can be requested via the Task details in Nerdio Manager for MSP.  Click Details, scroll to the task running the custom script and click the "Download Custom PowerShell Scripts logs" button. 


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