Installing NMM Prerequisites

Applies to: Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) 

Version : 3.0.0 and greater

Disclaimer : Nerdio Manager for MSP is an automation and management solution. NMM Partners are responsible for understanding, providing and supporting Microsoft Identity Services and Azure Resources. For Identity and Azure support, please contact your Distributor or Microsoft directly.

Welcome to Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM)

This guide will take you through concepts within Nerdio and Azure, including Installing Nerdio Manager for MSP as well as Adding, Managing and Optimizing Accounts.

Topics Covered


Microsoft Azure Resources and Terminology

In this first section, we will focus on understanding the Azure Services and Terminology necessary to building a Cloud Practice with AVD.  Being familiar with and having access to external and internal support of these resources is a requirement to successfully using Nerdio Manager for MSP.  



Microsoft Identity and Directories

Azure Subscriptions, Resource Groups and other Partner Resources

Microsoft Azure Files

Azure Web Applications, SQL instance and Key Vault

Azure Virtual Desktop and FSLogix


Nerdio Manager for MSP Prerequisites. 


There are two components to a Managed AVD Environment in NMM.

  1. NMM Web Application - This is the hosted Azure Web Application used to manage all MSP NMM accounts
  2. NMM Client Account(s) - This is the client AVD tenant managed in NMM


NMM Application

Nerdio Manager for MSP is installed and billed through the Azure marketplace. The installation process generally takes five to 10 minutes, and can be broken down in to three phases:

  1. Install NMM application from Azure Marketplace listing
  2. Continue installation with an Azure CloudShell script
  3. Register your install with our licensing server


NMM Account(s)

After installing NMM, you will need to connect an account to manage. Generally, this will be a customer account, though you can also connect to and manage your own Azure tenant.

The following prerequisites are required in order to add an account:

  • Microsoft Entra ID login in the Customer tenant, with Global Administrator and subscription Owner roles
  • If using existing Active Directory, you'll need the domain name and an admin username/password 
  • The project manager has the super admin role in NMM and can grant access to the Go Live Engineer (GLE)

We also recommend reviewing this guide on Customer Deployment Scenarios.


Continue the journey by clicking the link below and logging into the Nerdio Help Desk Portal.

Next Step - Install, Manage and Optimize NMM (w/ videos)

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