Prerequisites for GoLive Engineering with NMM

Applies to distributor partners who have purchased Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) through a Nerdio CSP distributor partner. 

This article is intended as a guide to help you understand how to engage with Nerdio and a GoLive Engineer to bring a single customer account into Azure.  The distributor will make this request on behalf of the partner which will result in the ability to schedule a kickoff call with the assigned GoLive engineer.

Prerequisites to be completed prior to engaging with a Nerdio GLE 

  • Microsoft 365 tenant and Azure subscription has been procured and partner has control of those accounts
    • M365 or Windows 10 Ent licenses are available for Windows Virtual Desktop access
  • Necessary Azure Resource Providers are registered [link]
  • The Nerdio Manager for MSP application has been installed [link] [videos]
  • The customer account migration path is determined [video]
  • All components for the customers identity management are completed and available
    • An existing or new domain controller is available and setup with ADConnect Sync [external]
    • Or Azure Active Directory Domain Services is setup and configured [external]
    • Or Azure AD Join [external]
  • The project manager has the super admin role in NMM and can grant access to GLE [link]
  • The customer Azure subscription is purchased and has the appropriate quotas
  • FSLogix storage requirements and the understanding and deployment strategy [link]
  • Follow NMM release notes page 

Nerdio GLE Scope of Work - Partner engagements will occur between the hours of 8:00a CT to 5:00p CT:

  • Nerdio Orchestration and best practices
  • Image/Template management
  • VPN Configuration
    • Including IKEv1 vs IKEv2
  • Nerdio pool management and optimization features
  • Azure VM series evaluation and configuration
  • Backup strategy evaluation

NOT included in the GLE scope of work:

  • Items typically past the Windows login
  • PowerShell execution
  • Line of Business (LOB) applications
  • FSLogix host configurations
  • Data migrations and shares
  • Backup configuration and testing [link]
  • Completing or performing the work itself (partners typically share their screen and the GLE will provide direction)
  • Training - GLE scope is limited to this customer engagement\account and the items\tasks required to go live
  • Third party vendor support – outside applications, hardware, SaaS, PaaS will be supported by the third party (typically the billing party)
    • GLE will signal or recommend any escalation to third parties
  • Azure features outside of the Nerdio feature set (i.e. P2S, Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery)

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