Everything Azure for MSP's - December 2020

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The Everything Azure for MSP's webinar is held monthly on the last Wednesday of every month at 2:00p CT.  Be sure to block that recurring time on your calendar.  

Join us in February - There will be no webinar in January

Please join us for nerdiocon on January 26th and 27th

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Questions and Answers

  • Is there an easy method to move user FSLogix profiles disks to Azure Files?  Is this supported by Nerdio? 
    • There is documentation you find find via a search engine that gives the steps to use Azure Files as the profile storage for FSLogix.  Use of Azure Files is possible however is not supported by Nerdio at the present moment.
  • The problem I have selling AVD is clients first question is: what happens when we’re offline. IE. Travelling or underground on a train with poor signal! How can we continue to work!!! - Being fully dependent on an internet connection causes problems for some clients so hard to sell AVD to those businesses - what would you recommend a good answer to that scenario would be? 
    • M365 licensing, OneDrive, SharePoint all create an on the go sync'd experience for end users.  With the abundant WIFI/hotspot access available in most places, connectivity rarely becomes an issue along side of file syncing to local devices (including Android).
  • On Tip #2 not sure I understand how there is no additional cost in Azure for another disk?  Can you explain that further please? 
    • The cost of a 1TB disk is the same as the cost of two 512GB disks, splitting disks apart for independent IOPs does not have a cost penalty given the same storage amount regardless the number of disks.
  • If adding the extra fs01 disk is best practice, will that / cant that just become the standard build when we provision new Nerdio tenants/customers to save us having to do this process each time? 
    • Typically separating disks would be good for account with more than 30 desktops and profiles.  The majority of accounts Nerdio sees provisioned today are below 30 and will work well with a single disk and a VM that is sized appropriately to allow for the available IOPs of the disk.
  • Smaller disks have lower IOPS limits, so that is something to watch when sizing disks for SQL Server?
    • Yes, watching queue depth on a disk and using SQL monitor will provide the performance details of your SQL DB.  Use of the scratch disk for tempDB files can leverage the VM specifications for IOPs and throughput to assist with SQL performance.  An example is a D2sv3, a small VM, that allows for 3000 IOPs against a 50GB temporary disk. 
  • If I can't attend all the sessions during nerdiocon can I watch them later? 
    • There will be specific recordings made available for public consumption.  It is recommended to attend to ensure you have access to the sessions that are relevant and provide value to you.
  • Is there a way to create the AVDSH00 snapshot from the NAP, or are we required to do that directly in the Azure portal?
    • That should be done via the Azure portal.  It is not required, however it does provide a safeguard for your Golden Image (AVDSH00) that is not subject to the policy and retention imposed by the Recovery Services Vault for backup. 
  • How do I get notified of new Accelerate videos?
    • Login into the help.nerdio.net site.  If you don't remember your password, you can click forgot password to refresh your account.  Once logged in Click here and and select the Follow button on the right side of the screen.

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