Everything Azure for MSPs - November 2020

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The Everything Azure for MSP's webinar is held monthly on the last Wednesday of every month at 2:00p CT.  Be sure to block that recurring time on your calendar.  

Join us next month

  • Feature and Support Updates
  • Build, overview and demonstration of a partner use case pulled from a chosen partner
  • Sneak peak for nerdiocon 2021, starting your year off well and putting together a 2021 program


Questions and Answers

  • Do you have any KB articles that might assist with an Azure 3rd party firewall configuration? 
    • Answer - We do not. We've seen partners have success working directly with the Firewall Vendor. In most cases they already have tutorials and content which will guide you through the setup and configuration process. 
  • What are the max number of VPN connections you can configure through the Standard Nerdio VPN setup?
    • Answer - You can have a max of 10 connections by default through the NAP. However you can always adjust this by going directly to Azure and upgrading your Gateway SKU
  • In regards to the pricing calculator, are you going to put a similar feature for reserved disk?  
    • Answer - Storage typically accounts for only 15% of the total costs associated to an active environment.  Given the limited savings and the requirement for P30 and above, the reserved disk is not something we see a lot of partners purchasing.  If that changes we would evaluate that feature being added to the Cost Estimator.
  • Do you have a proposal template that explains some of the value of Azure we can use as a guide?
    • Answer - Yes, you can find the sample proposal template here .
  • About user daily billing...if a client goes to half-staff for a few months, billing will drop automatically?
    • Answer - Nerdio billing is cycled every 24 hours and is only tied to a user account that has been assigned to a desktop or remote application.  Billing will drop automatically at the next cycle after the assignments have been removed from users.  
  • I don’t know who my Nerdio sales rep is, how can I find out?
    • Answer - Please email sales@getnerdio.com requesting your sales representative's contact information. 
  • Do you have a list of compliancy qualifications that the AVD product meets?
  • Are there any reasons I should not expand a user's profile disk? 
    • Answer - 
        • If you do not address the large user profile in another way (archiving email, or moving the OST out of her user profile folder, adjusting cache settings, etc), you would need to create a larger container, move the user profile files into it, and then place it where the original 30GB VHD was.  This will allow you to keep the Microsoft default 30gb max VHD size for all other users, which is probably a good idea from a performance and storage standpoint, but if you have others approaching that limit you may want to move these to larger containers soon.
        • Here is some Microsoft documentation regarding the manipulation of a user's  FSLogix profile container. Specifically moving files to a new one (which you can create with another command at the size you deem necessary).   You should be able to run this from the Pool template as the FSLogix agent is installed there, or on a running host.  Please ensure the user is not logged in at the time or the .vhd file is in use.
        • https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/command-line-utility-reference#migrate-contents-of-current-vhd-to-a-new-vhd

        • Here's another link that may help:


  • Where can I find steps to setup a scheduled task?
    • Answer - Microsoft has in depth documentation here 
  • When do people usually enable RI & AHB in the provisioning process?
    • Answer - Most partners enable AHB upfront when provisioning and then purchase RIs after the customer has been live for a week to ensure they are reserving appropriately sized machines.
  • Can you turn off SafeDNS if using another product
    • Answer -  Yes you can. SafeDNS is provided by Nerdio as a courtesy and the price is built into the Nerdio Licensing. However, if you have another content filtering solution you'd rather use you can remove SafeDNS and install that one instead.

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