Manage App Service Settings

Manage App Service Settings

Nerdio Manager consists of a number of PaaS services. The entry point into the Nerdio Manager application is the App Service. Periodically, Nerdio Manager app service settings may need to be added or modified. This article discusses how to manage the settings.

To manage Nerdio Manager app service settings:

  1. In the Azure portal, locate the Nerdio Manager App Service resource.

    Note: It typically has a name in the following format: web-admin-portal-xxxxxxxxx.

  2. Within the menu on the left-hand side of the App Service blade, scroll down to the Settings section.

  3. Select Configuration and then select Application settings.

    Note: By default, values for app settings are hidden in the portal for security. To see a hidden value of an app setting, select its Value field. To see the hidden values of all app settings, select Show values.

  4. To add a new setting, select + New application setting and add the setting. For example:

  5. To edit an application setting, select the setting and change its Value.

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